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Jekyll PWA Starter - Back at it

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Getting back to Jekyll PWA Starter for 2019


I’ve not touched the Jekyll PWA Starter in a while but I’m starting it back up. First thing is the creation of a clean branch to start from. If you clone the master branch you end up with a whole bunch of content that you don’t want or need so you can now clone a clean branch that has most of cruft removed.

Clean Branch:

To clone the clean branch run the following command in you Terminal:

git clone -b clean --single-branch

This still has a few example posts for each post type but it’s easier to get rid of them and start with your own stuff.

Next Steps:

I’m going to add a few things to the starter over the next week or so. An incomplete list (meaning the things that I remember I want to add) are:

  • Option in the `data/about.yml` file to toggle on/off Web Mentions
  • ‘Deploy with Netlify’ button as described here:
  • Add option to use Bootstrap for anyone that doesn’t want to bother writing their own CSS
  • Streamline process to add IndieWeb microformats and WebMentions integration

I should note, tangentially, that I keep playing with other Jekyll-esque static site generators and none of them are as much fun to use as Jekyll. Though I will concede that Next.js is quite lovely.

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