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Drop-in CSS for Semantically Righteous HTML

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A list of recommended CSS files to add to a page to make it look nicer than the default user agent styles provided by browsers.


Zeit developer Guillermo Rauch recently asked on Twitter for recommendations for single file drop-in CSS. This seems like the kind of thing I’d want to know when I need to know it. Given that Twitter is quite shit as a bookmarking service (because that’s not what it’s for) I wanted to collect the links that people suggested. Personally, I don’t have recommendations because I have my own that I use but I have no motivation to share it. But I would sometimes like to add one to something I’m playing with.

From Twitter:

What are the best CSS single-file stylesheets that you can drop into a semantically correct HTML5 document (i.e.: proper usage of markup) and make the page beautiful?

And here’s a list of recommendation provided in the replies to the original tweet:

  1. Typography.js
  2. awsm.css
  3. Sakura
  4. SuperStylin
  5. Tacit
  6. Typebase
  7. Wing
  8. Tufte CSS
  9. Picnic CSS
  10. Gutenberg
  11. BareCSS

Some of these, such as Typography.js and Typebase focus more on typography rather than all HTML elements. There are certainly many more options available but these are the ones linked directly in the original tweet.

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